Mother’s Day: 3 Unique Ways To Show Your Mother Love

Considering mothers have loved us longer and known us deeper than anyone else, one day a year doesn't seem like enough. Make the most of this mothers day.

Mother’s Day: 3 Unique Ways To Show Your Mother Love

No matter how much pain, anguish and anxiety we have put them through, our mothers continue to love us. In fact, when you think about it, no one has ever known and loved us longer than our mothers, which is why countries all around the world devote one day a year to them. For the United States, Mother’s Day 2016 takes place on May 8, 2016.

When you consider everything they do for us, it almost seems like one day a year devoted to them isn’t enough. If it was up to us, we would devote every day to them. However, since we aren’t in charge, we have to settle for making the most out of the one day that they do get.

So, the question is, what do you get someone who has given so much to you? According to statistics, the top gifts moms want this year are something homemade, dinner, a greeting card or gift cards. Coming up with the perfect gift for your elderly mom can be difficult.  In order to help you make this Mother’s day one to remember, we have come up with some easy and thoughtful Mother’s day gift and activity ideas.

Things To Do Together

Often the best thing you can give your mother is your time, especially if you don’t see her often or if she lives alone or in a senior living facility. Whether it’s a phone call, an in-person visit or a trip out of the house for dinner, your mom will love the time you give to her. Some possible activities you can do with your mother include:

  • Taking a trip down memory lane- Ask her about when she was younger or look through old photo albums. You could also digitize her photos to keep them safe for generations to come.
  • Help around the house- When you were growing up your mom constantly picked up after you, return the favor and help her clean her living space.
  • Craft time- We have several great mother’s day craft ideas on our Pinterest page.

Don’t Buy, Create.

Anyone can go out and purchase a gift, and while your mother would still appreciate it, a homemade gift is at the top of the most wanted mother’s day gift list. Here are some ideas of something you can create for your mom:

  • Flowers die, pictures live forever- Create your mom a photo bouquet with pictures from the years. She will love it and won’t need a green thumb to keep it alive.
  • Build a Memory Box- All you need is a box, paper and a pen. Write down all your favorite memories of your mom throughout the years.
  • Food- Everyone loves a good home-cooked meal. Most likely your mother was the one who taught you how to cook. Bake her some meals that can be frozen and reheated so she won’t have to worry about cooking for a week or two.

The Last Minute Purchase

If you’re running out of ideas and time here are some thoughtful gifts you can buy your mother:

  • Head phones and a gift card for audio books
  • A cooling pillow- These pillows will help keep your mom comfortable during menopausal hot-flashes.
  • Meal delivery service
  • Public transportation pass- She will love the ability to get out of the house.

We hope these ideas help you create the most memorable Mother’s Day for your mom. From all of us here at Wiser Home Care Services, Happy Mother’s Day.

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