“Thanks for the wonderful care of my Mom while she was in Wiser’s care.”

-Sheri Healey, 2013-14 BAM Booster President

“Since August of 2012 I’ve been indebted to Sheri Wiser & her team from Wiser care for the evaluation, homecare, & dedicated assistance to my aging mother. I live and work far enough away from my mother that close care by myself is out of the question. Wiser Home Care has been easy to reach, the team gets on well with my Mom, the costs are very reasonable & their actions on her behalf have been quite fruitful. Based on my experience with them I’m happy to recommend Wiser Care Services.”

-Christopher M. Summitt

“I wanted to thank you again for everything you did for both Mom and Dad. It was very appreciated! It was nice to be able to work with such a great company.”

-DeAnn Pavolka-Bauer

“My husband went from the hospital to home hospice care in a few short weeks. I was bewildered and overwhelmed by the speed and destruction of his cancer. However, every day when Jane, our Wiser Home Care Giver, arrived, I could relax. He was in competent and expert hands. She was kind, caring, considerate and embraced not only my husband but our whole family. I recommend their home care services and specifically Jane for any one in a similar situation.”


“Wiser Home Care Services have been wonderful to work with and they get along well with the facility that Bill is in (High Point Village). We even called in the middle of the night needing a caregiver and the office got someone for me right away. We work really well together and they are very responsive.”

-Bob and Kim Sadesk

“I would recommend this agency to anyone who may need the services. It is so important to have good care for your elderly loved one and Wiser Home Care Services has done a fantastic job providing that for our family.”

-Julie Stevens

” The agency [WHCS] was on the ball with everything. They were very efficient, caring, and understanding. The professionalism of the caregiver as well as the office staff impressed me a lot. They were great in every way.”

-Dona DeBoer

“I highly recommend Wiser Home Care because of the communication and compassion. They were so comfortable for me to talk to and have in my home. It just felt right and I knew professionally that they had the proper background.”

-Robin Greenleaf

“They are very good at their interpersonal relationship skills. They are good at working with people in positions like my dad. They adapt to his needs.”

-John Czaplewski

“When the caregiver first came out, she had a list of questions for us to see what we needed for my mother. The caregiver was more thorough than the hospital about what needed to be done for her.”

-Agnes Carson

“Wiser Home Care Services’ caregivers are always on time, they do what they say they will do, they are clean, and they take care of the client. The office staff has stepped right up and takes care of my concerns immediately.”

-Macy Forbes

“I am confident in Wiser Home Care Services because I know that they can provide me what I need.”

-Eileen Wilson

“The caregivers are nice people and they do whatever I ask them to do. If I need something, they’ll do it.”

-Eileen Holt

“The caregivers are on time and the services are good.”

-Ruth Zanella

“The thing that I appreciate the most about the services from Wiser Home Care Services is that they sent a compatible caregiver to the client and they get along great!”

-Karla Nuss

“Wiser Home Care Services are always on time and do what they say they will do.”

-Dean Melville

“Wiser Home Care Services is very consistent and reliable. The communication with Wiser Home Care Services is great. The caregivers are very sympathetic. I am very very pleased with the service from Wiser Home Care Services.”

-Helen Summit

” I appreciate that my caregiver Susanna is exceptional I would keep her forever if I could.”

-Jane Bryan

“Kelly is always there right away. She is responsive and is very easy to work with. What is most important to me is that my dad is happy. Thank You to Wiser Home Care. I can rest easy knowing they take care of my father. ”

-Roy Mikami

“The caregivers are here for my mom. I can see that the caregivers all seem to really care about my mom through the way they treat her. I recommend Wiser Home Care Services because of the communication with the office staff. I have been very confident in Wiser Home Care Services’ office staff ”

-Agnes Carson

“Wiser Home Care Services is very responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable. Anything I want or need the caregivers take care of for me. My caregivers know how to take care of people really well.”

-Jean Keating

“I got more than I thought I would out the services. The caregiver just fit right in with us. I would recommend Wiser Home Care Services. ”

-Bill Murphy

“My caregivers are very compassionate. ”

-Wiser Home Care Services Customer

“My caregiver is very knowledgeable about what she needs to do.I appreciate the caregiver we have, she is wonderful. ”

– Judy Cawley

“I appreciate the compassion the most.The caregivers show their care and concern through really paying attention to what Macy is saying, which isn’t often when she speaks. They work with her. I would definitely recommend Wiser Home Care Services to others. ”

-Mary Fulford

“When the caregivers came and visited with her, that made her very happy. They were there when I couldn’t be.”

-Wiser Home Care Services Customer

“Having a caregiver from Wiser Home Care Services has impacted my mom’s quality of life because now she gets out of the house. My mom always wants to go to lunch and the caregiver takes her and lets her walk around.”

-Sharon Holman

“Wiser Home Care Services’ employees truly care about how things are going with their clients. Their office staff is always on top of everything and they are very responsive and prompt.”

-Brenda Becker

“Wiser Home Care Services is pretty good about matching the caregiver to me needs. Wiser allows me to get out and It is always nice to come home to a clean house.”

-Judy Cawley

“I would recommend Wiser Home Care Services because they have young, attentive, caring caregivers. They also have a great billing process. Wiser Home Care Services has impacted my quality of life because it gives me peace of mind.”

-Bob Arsenault

“I am confident in the office because they have been very thorough, and because they explain things completely.”

-Lewis Rebsamen

“Wiser Home Care Services has good office staff and management. They match the client’s needs well. The caregivers are here on time and are focused on the clients.”

-Ann Inouye

“Wiser Home Care Services has made it easier for me to get out. They gave me someone I trust to be with the client. My caregivers show that they are knowledgeable in how they deal with situations specifically with elderly diseases.”

-Wiser Home Care Client

“The services keep me in my house and I appreciate that. I’ve been in my house for forty-two years and I’m not ready to leave.”

-Margaret Scott

“Wiser Home Care Services has been extremely effective in responding to any problems.”

-Jim Chapman

“I am thoroughly satisfied that the caregivers are doing a good job. They let me know in advance if there are any problems. There was one time my mom and the caregiver got home and there were people inside stealing stuff. The caregiver backed out of the drive way and took the vans license plate number. I liked that she handled things safely and that she had the client’s best interest in mind.”

-Christopher Summit

“The caregivers are very kind. They are always friendly and brought in some cheer. Erin would talk with my mother to add personalized care. ”

-Connie Williams

“The caregivers kept my husband mentally occupied and talked with him. The services made it easier for me because I had little time for myself.”

-Mina Jacobsen

“Wiser Home Care Services give me a couple hours of relief. I can run errands while the caregivers are here. [They] are very helpful and go above and beyond.”

-Brenda Becker

“Wiser Home Care Services has the ability to fit the right caregiver to the client. [I can] get out of the house without having to worry about my mother.”

-Sharon Holman

“I respect Wiser Home Care’s compassion and integrity. I can always depend on them for the needs I have. The caregiver I have right now is really, really good. If I was in pain, she would drop what she was doing to help me.”

-Karla Nuss

“Wiser Home Care Services is a very professional agency and they have trustworthy caregivers.”

-Judy Cawley

” Wiser Home Care Services was excellent and caring. They kept up to date and didn’t let anything slide. They would ask me questions and also check with my husband.”

-Luanne Green

” The caregiver is a good match for the client because she seems to be patient, compassionate, and friendly. Wiser Home Care has made it possible for me to go out for more than a few hours.”

-Deanne Sabey

” It is nice that the caregivers are there  so I can go home and take care of my family, while knowing that mom is being cared for. I couldn’t live without Wiser Home Care Services.”

-Ann Chandler

” The caregiver is cordial and flexible. The caregiver responds well in emergencies also.”


” I would recommend Wiser Home Care Services because they are knowledgeable, informative, and they follow up with questions that I have asked. They are also accountable. ”

-Audrey Beslow

” Wiser Home Care is good about finding caregiver replacements when one is needed. They always let me know what is going on. ”

-Christopher Summit

” Wiser Home Care is very prompt and they do what they say they will do. ”

-Janet Hopkins

“I appreciate that Wiser Home Care pleases my wife. She always raves about them. She gets along great with the caregivers and they communicate well. They do things that I wouldn’t expect them to do ”

-Joe Schmitt

“I can tell the caregivers are very concerned and show Mom a great deal of patience when she sometimes doesn’t remember who they are or why they are there. They take the time to let her know they are there for her and care very much about her. They give her hugs and things like that. ”

-Mary Boyd

” Wiser Home Care Services has very caring people who help the clients feel very comfortable. ”

– Jim Willis

“The caregiver shows compassion by being sweet and treating my wife like she is the queen of England. ”

– Sharon Wilson

“Wiser Home Care Services is very professional, and they are also very good at working with their clients. ”

– Darci Olsen

“The caregivers from Wiser Home Care Services are very compassionate. ”

– Joe Schmitt

“I would very highly recommend Wiser Home Care Services. My caregivers are always on-time, caring, pleasant, and professional.”

– Jean Nye

“Wiser Home Care Services has made my life easier by helping me do things that I can’t do for myself.”

– Jean Moen

“Everyone at Wiser Home Care Services was very polite and nice with my mother. They were punctual and understanding. My mother has stage three dementia, and they were very patient with her.”

– Brit Pidgeon

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