Your Guide to Comprehensive End of Life Care

Although difficult, End of life care is a necessity and allows loved ones to spend precious time together while Wiser Home Care takes care of the rest.

Your Guide to Comprehensive End of Life Care

Recently, we have blogged on the several forms of care Wiser Home Care Services offers. We have explored care options such as personal care, companion care, dementia care, self care and most recently, respite care. This week we will explore the sensitive and necessary topic regarding End of Life Care.

End of Life Care Statistics

According to statistics, most deaths in America occur in those aged 65 and older. Statistics show that 63% of deaths happen at a hospital and 17% in an institutional setting. Due to this, many seniors have voiced that they would like to have more of an influence on care decisions that effect them. Specifically, on decisions that dictate where they are cared for. Considering this, a majority of people would prefer to spend their final days at home with loved ones.

While loved ones want to make final days the most comfortable, it can be difficult for the patient to receive adequate care. Not to mention, caring for a loved one who is at the end of life can be emotionally and physically demanding.

Wiser Home Care Services Can Help

Similar to respite care, Wiser Home Care Services’ End of Life care provides ill loved ones with the appropriate care while giving family members a chance to regroup, and focus on what is most important during these difficult times, spending time with the ill loved one.

Our caregivers are specially trained and experienced with end of life situations. They understand the changes and keep comfort a top priority. In addition, WHCS works with several hospice agencies as well as your loved one’s medical professionals. This ensures that there are no miscommunications in care. It also allows WHCS to plan the necessary end of life care and make the calls that are needed.

In addition, WHCS helps around the house with daily tasks so the family can spend the precious time together.

If you care for a loved one and are facing these difficult decisions, please feel free to contact us so that we can develop a comprehensive and comfortable care plan for your family’s needs so that you can spend precious time with your ill loved one.

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