Balance Exercises for the Elderly: Why Balance is Necessary

Balance exercises are an important aspect of every elderly fitness routine. Increasing balance will lower a loved ones risk of a fall and resulting injury.

Balance Exercises for the Elderly: Why Balance is Necessary

The New Year has just begun and we hope that you are doing well with your New Year’s resolutions. Last week we started a four week series exploring the different aspects to one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions: Exercise. Our topic focused on exercise through stretching. This week will be discussing another very important aspect of an effective exercise routine: balance exercises.

Balance exercises are a great way to reduce the risk of a fall for the elderly and maintain health.

Balance exercises, just like stretching exercises are key to any exercise routine for older adults or seniors who wish to maintain or increase their fitness level in 2015. Balance exercises generally deal with building the muscles in the legs. By building and maintaining this muscle group, an older adult loved one will reduce their likelihood to suffer from an injury caused by a fall and complications that arise after a fall. Independence is important to our loved ones, and avoiding falls is key to keeping that independence.

Here is a list of great exercises that build leg and hip muscle strength:

Other great ways to practice balance exercises are to incorporate them throughout your normal daily routine! Simply sitting down and standing back up can be a great way to build muscles and increase balance. You can also encourage your loved one to balance on one foot for small periods of time. When doing so make sure there is a suitable object near for support in case your loved one tires or becomes off-balance.

As always, start slow when starting a new exercise routine. It is a good idea to add exercises slowly to your exercise routine and focus on different muscle groups on different days. This will give your body time to recover and keep your loved one safe by not over-tiring any one area of the body.

Next week we will devote our blog to a third kind of exercise, strength exercises. Make sure to check back to learn why strength focused exercises are an essential part of your loved ones routine!

Wiser Home Care Services Can Help

If you still have questions and concerns about how to help your elderly loved one start exercising more please feel free to contact us. We can help your family establish a care plan to personally accommodate your loved one needs.

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