5 Ways to Go Above and Beyond This Father’s Day

Whether its their parenting style or dry humor, fathers are often the butt of jokes. These 5 ideas will show your dad you love him this fathers day.

5 Ways to Go Above and Beyond This Father’s Day

Whether it is their rub-some-dirt-in-it parenting style, consistent lack of fashion or their abundance of ‘dad’ jokes, fathers are often the butt of many jokes. Despite all the jokes, we can’t deny how much we love our fathers.

This Sunday, all across the world, families will get together, grill, laugh and have a good time in celebration of everything our fathers do for us. Although Father’s Day didn’t officially become a nationally recognized holiday until 1972, the first proclaimed celebration of fathers took place here in Washington on July 19, 1910.

Inspired by Mother’s Day, Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Wash. rallied the support of local and state businesses and government in an effort to show fathers the appreciation they deserve for their parenting efforts. While the celebration was a success and it gained the support and nationwide recognition of the President of the United States, it still took 62 years for it to be officially signed into proclamation.

According to a study, if parents were paid for all the chores they do, fathers would make 75% less money than their female counterparts. Sure, statistically speaking, our fathers do a lot less for us than our mothers do, but who else would’ve taught you how to throw a fastball, ride a bicycle and burp on command?

To show your father just how much he means to you, we have collected several great father’s day gift and celebration ideas.

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Let’s face it. Most dads are avid sports enthusiasts. For Father’s Day you could invest in a new set of clubs, fishing rod, baseball glove or any other sports equipment. In addition, spending time with your father watching a live sporting event is a great way to share his passion and build memories.

Have a Nice Trip, See You Next Fall.

It’s always fun to look in old family albums and take a trip down memory lane. Take it one step further this year and plan a road trip to your father’s old stomping grounds. Not only will he love getting away for a while but the memories made on road trips last a lifetime and the nostalgia will create a perma-grin on your father’s face.

Go Digital

If a road trip isn’t feasible, consider digitizing and backing up all of your father’s photos. This will ensure, that the photos stay around for years to come. He will love the trip down memory lane, and you might just learn a new thing or two about your father.

Hello Dad, Meet the 21st Century

Give your father a tablet such as an Amazon Kindle or Apple iPad, then spend the day teaching him how to use it. You can load his favorite books, news outlets, tv shows and games on it for him. Tablets bring our elderly loved ones hours of companionship and entertainment. In addition, you can set them up for Skype or messaging so that you can stay connected with them easier.

Do His Chores

Keeping up with all the chores of living in your own place or having to run errands can be tough for our elderly loved ones. Spend the day cleaning your father’s place of residence, mowing the lawn, weeding and running errands. He will be forever grateful.

We hope these ideas inspire you to give your dad the best Father’s Day he would never ask for.

From all of us here at Wiser Home Care Services: Happy Father’s Day.

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