Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Elderly Loved One

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you're having trouble finding a Valentine’s day gift for your elderly loved one we have some great ideas.

Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Elderly Loved One

Boy, did Punxsutawney Phil get it right or what? The snowy, wet weather the last few days hasn’t been much fun, but that’s ok. The bad weather has given us time to hunker down and prepare for an unforgettable Valentine’s day.

That’s right, the most romantic holiday of the year is just around the corner. Do you have a special valentine this year? If so, we hope you already have your plans and gifts ready for the 14th.

If Valentine’s day crept up on you like it did to us, then don’t worry, when we remembered it was going to be Valentine’s Day soon we got fast to work on brainstorming great Valentine’s Day gifts for the elderly loved one in your life.

Before we jump into the nitty gritty details, we thought it would be cool to share some fun facts about Valentine’s Day. Did you know that 54% of Americans will spend Valentine’s Day with a loved one this year?

Historically, Valentine’s Day has been a holiday for couples but recently that has shifted. In fact, one poll shows that “people also show their appreciation in the form of gifts for family members (59.4 percent), friends (21.7 percent), teachers (20.4 percent) and colleagues (12.1 percent).”

Studies also show that the most popular Valentine’s gifts are candy (53.2%), cards (51.2%), flowers (37.8%) and an evening out (37%).

Now don’t get us wrong, these are all great gifts and we would be more than happy to receive them from any of our loved ones. However, we think our loved ones deserve to receive above average gifts as our token of appreciation. The following gift ideas will show your loved ones just how much you think of them:

The Gift of Warmth and Fashion

Since we still have a month of Winter left, a thoughtful gift for your elderly loved one could be a nice new fleece wrap, heated car throw for cool winter travel, snazzy Valentine’s day socks, a new bed jacket, scarves or even a fancy new bath robe.

Help Set the Mood Safely

Perhaps your elderly loved one has a Valentine of their own they would like to impress. You could help them gather neat Valentine’s decorations, or even sit down with them and make them yourselves. The time spent together will be cherished. In addition, flameless candles are another great gift, that will help set the mood but keep them safe.

The Around-the-House Gift

Making your elderly loved one’s day-to-day life easier will show them that you truly care about their happiness and well-being. Some good around-the-house gifts include large font day clocks, amplified or photo phones, cooling or warming mattress pads, portable trays/bed trays, night lights, draft stoppers, oven rack guards or talking medication reminders.

The Sentimental Gift

We all know the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness”, well sometimes money can’t buy the best gift either. Making your elderly loved one a special gift will be fun and thoughtful. Maybe you could paint them a new mug or vase, or print out your favorite picture of you together and make them a homemade frame for it.

The Gift of Time

We saved the best for last. Honestly, what your elderly loved one probably wants more than anything else in the world, is to spend some time with you. Set aside an entire day to simply spend making memories with your loved one. You could have a board game marathon, watch their favorite movies, take them out to their favorite restaurant or simply get coffee and chat. They will love the company and getting out of their house.

If you would like help caring for, or developing an extensive care plan for your elderly loved one, we can help. Please contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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