11 Thanksgiving Tips for the Elderly

Thanksgiving is often a time spent with family. To ensure the safety of your elderly loved one Wiser Home Care has gathered these tips.

11 Thanksgiving Tips for the Elderly

Depending on who you talk to, you will get a differing opinion on when the holiday season officially starts. Some will tell you that the holiday season starts when you first start shopping for presents other will say it starts on Thanksgiving. We prefer that latter. Which puts us exactly 3 days from the hustle and bustle of the holidays!

If you can’t tell, we are a little excited. For many, the holiday season marks happy times spent fellowshipping with friends and family over gloriously prepared meals. This often means long days in the kitchen or on the road traveling depending on if you host or simply attend a Thanksgiving meal.

In fact, this coming Thursday it is estimated that nearly 39 million families will be traveling to another location to enjoy the glorious feast.

While this is a glorious time of the year for most, it is important to remember that for many of our elderly loved ones it can create a mixture of emotions ranging from happiness, gratitude and love to sadness, loneliness and stress.

To help you and your elderly loved ones make this a Thanksgiving feast of happiness and good memories we have compiled some turkey day tips.

  • Plan ahead – If you’re planning on taking an elderly loved one somewhere for Thanksgiving it is important to plan your route and timing ahead. Traffic can cause stress and be tiring.
  • Take breaks – If the trip will take more than an hour plan intermittent breaks to stretch legs and go to the bathroom.
  • Pack – Make sure to pack extra, weather appropriate clothing, snacks and all the necessary medications.
Around the House Safety
  • Keep walk ways and floors clean to prevent a slip or fall.
  • Help your elderly loved one if they need to carry or reach something heavy.
  • Have fun things planned during the wait for meal time.
Meal Time Safety
  • Make sure to turn off burners that are not in use to prevent accidental burns. Try to never leave the stove or fireplace unattended.
  • Avoid cross contamination of raw foods and make sure to cook meat and all sides to the proper internal temperature.
  • Keep proper nutrition in mind. Try to minimize use of salt or spicy foods as they will raise blood pressure.
  • Don’t let your elderly loved one dine alone. Not only is this sad, it is also dangerous in case of a choking incident.
  • Drink in moderation.

If you care for an elderly loved one and would like help developing a care plan of any kind please feel free to contact us. Wiser Home Care Services can help your family establish a care plan to personally accommodate your loved one’s needs and help prevent falls and fall-related injuries.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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