Wiser Home Care Services Caregiver Training Poem

Employee of the Month Hellen

Wiser Home Care Services Caregiver Training Poem

Wiser Home Care Services is committed to providing high quality, client-centered and affordable care services to our clients that allow them to lead dignified and independent lives in the comfort and safety of their own homes. To do this effectively, we routinely provide our caregivers with additional training. The most recent training session took place in July and we thought it would be fun to share the perspective of our caregivers. 

Hellen’s Poem:

How the east met the west

It was a graceful WEAST

Hard work , love ,care

My mind kept running

I cant call it back

She captured it


My day went tomorrow

With hope to see what she sees in us

Oh I can’t help my eyes

Cuz my heart is a bit jealousy

She gave more than yesterday

Not building an empire for self

But each given a brick to contribute


The piece of unity so true

She just has a natural mother touch

Her speech full of life

I saw wisdom

Her care has a doctorate feel

She won’t let go until you are a first class

Her memories bring all close

As she hands out success

Two ears for many voices

With a perfect answer

You are all WISER

Let’s care