Music Affects Program November

Music Affects Program November

Our November Music Affects Programs were a wonderful success. At Weatherly Inn of Tacoma we celebrated our veterans with wonderful music and trivia related to Veterans Day. Then for the residents at Canterbury House we enjoyed a Thanksgiving theme that included making a festive turkey craft, listening to festive music and fun Thanksgiving trivia. While most did not want photos taken, we were allowed to take photos of the wonderful crafts that had been completed. We love the smiles and enjoyment participants gleam from each program, and we look forward to our next endeavor with our seniors.

Looking for a fun challenge? See if you can answer the trivia questions below.

Q1: Out of all 50 states, which state has the largest number of veterans?
      A: Washington   B: California    C: Alaska


Q2: New York City holds the largest annual Veteran’s Day Parade with approximately how many participants?
     A: 10,000     B: 25,000     C: 35,000


Q3: Approximately how many turkeys are cooked for Thanksgiving every year?
    A: 20 million     B: 35 million     C: 46 million


Q4: What is a snood?


Q5: What is a baby turkey called?
A: A Chick    B: A nestling   C: A poult


(See answers below photos. No cheating :))

To volunteer or have the Music Affects Program come to you call 253-363-0746.

Answers (In order 1-5): B, B, C, The loose skin under a male turkeys neck, C