11 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for the Senior on Your List

11 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for the Senior on Your List

Have you ever watched a sporting event where there are mere seconds on the board and the team that was trailing in points makes a shot to tie the game or even win? These “Buzzer Beaters” are highlight reel gold, and a great reminder that the game isn’t over until the buzzer rings.

With just under a week left until the big day, we’re down to the wire with Christmas shopping right now. The good news is that there’s still time left in the game to beat the buzzer and find that perfect Christmas gift for your loved one.

If you haven’t finished your shopping, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, a recent survey found that 62% of Americans buy their gifts in the week before Christmas. Even more surprising, 7% of people do their shopping on Christmas Eve!!

To help you wrap up your shopping for the senior loved ones on your list and beat the buzzer, we have compiled a list of the top gifts for seniors in 2019.


Not only does journaling provide significant mental health benefits, it is a great way for people to ensure their heritage and legacy is captured for generations to come. You could splurge on fancy autobiographical journals or simply gift them with a set of plain writing journals.

Smart Home Systems

The Google Home or Amazon Echo devices are a great Christmas present for the senior loved one who may have a little trouble with other technology. Using their voice commands, these devices can answer questions, play music, share recipes, and more.

Customized Photo Memorabilia

We all love being able to look back through old photos and reminisce. From digitizing old photo albums and printing new photos to custom photo calendars, blankets, puzzles, coffee mugs and more, thanks to technology, we have a plethora of options for gifting your loved one with old photos.

Book of the Month

Does your elderly loved one enjoy reading? A subscription to the book of the month club would make the perfect gift that keeps on giving. Who doesn’t like getting something new every month?

Noise Machines

You may be thinking, why would anyone want a machine that makes noise? We know it seems strange but white noise machines are actually quite useful. Since many elderly have trouble falling asleep, these machines often offer simulated white noise such as fans or ocean waves and they really do help them fall asleep better.

A Digital Music Player

While we are on the topic of noise, a digital music player such as an iPod loaded with all of their favorite music from decades past can be a great gift that provides hours of entertainment and nostalgia. If you can’t swing an iPod, a CD player provides the same experience.

A Countertop Garden

Does your loved one have a green thumb? While gardening provides a great way to relax, during the winter the weather is rarely good enough to do anything outside. A countertop garden allows your loved one to grow herbs and veggies from the comfort of their own kitchen.

Give an Experience

Things often wear out and break, but memories from experiences last much longer. You could buy them tickets to a live sporting or music event or a gift card to their favorite restaurant with a stipulation that you get to join them as well.

The Gift of Warmth

Staying warm during the cold winter months can be difficult and expensive, but a good blanket always helps. You can opt for a festively decorated throw, heated blankets, or even a weighted blanket which are scientifically proven to help with stress and anxiety.

Cork-lined Bowls

We don’t know about you or your elderly loved one, but we often crave a good hot soup or chili for dinner during the winter months. The downside though is that the bowls are always too hot to hold. However, these cork lined bowls make bowl burns a thing of the past.

Bonus: Invest in Companion Care

We know that if it was up to you, you would spend every minute with your senior loved one. But, between work, your family and a social life, you simply can’t. Which is why Wiser Home Care Services provides a Companion Care Service.

Our companion care caregivers provide the interaction seniors need to help make them feel connected. Wiser Home Care Services has wonderful companion care caregivers that are there for conversation, able to take seniors to social outings, run errands, and participate in activities as well as do light house duties. In addition, companion care can provide the support needed for seniors to live safely at home.

If you care for an elderly loved one and would like help developing a care plan of any kind, please feel free to contact us. We can help your family establish a care plan to personally accommodate your loved one’s needs.

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