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“I’m too old for that.” As we age, it gets easier for us to mutter those 5 words. However, an important part of aging healthily is to remain active.

The Wiser Home Care Services Guide to Active Aging in 2017

“I’m too old for that.” The older we get the easier it becomes for us to mutter those 5 words. At times, the phrase is simply used as an excuse to refrain from doing something we would rather not. How...

We made it! Fall is officially here. While you unpack your Fall gear, check out our top 10 favorite Fall activities to do this year with your loved one.

10 Fun Fall Activities to Do With Your Loved One

Everyone has their own definition of when “Fall” starts. Some will say it starts when school starts or when the leaves start to fall on a regular basis. Others will say it ‘starts’ on September 1st, c...