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End of Life Care

What is End of Life Care?

Our goal is to care for the loved one and take care of the daily tasks so families can spend time together.

Often when a loved one is nearing the end of life they have a strong desire to spend their final days at home. However, caring for a loved one at the end of life can be emotionally exhausting and physically demanding. Our caregivers are experienced with this situation and understand the changes. Our caregivers are patient, good listeners and will keep comfort a top priority.

Wiser Home Care will be there to help support you and your loved one through this time. We work with several hospice agencies. We will communicate the needs to medical professionals; we will care for the loved one, and can help around the house. We can do the necessary end of life care at the end and make the calls that are needed.

Our goal with end of life care is to do the daily tasks of care so the family can spend the precious time together.

Please contact a Care Manager today: Call Kelley 253-797-0584 or the office at 877-279-5530 Email:

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