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8 Ways to Protect Your Senior’s Skin This Winter

8 Ways to Protect Your Senior’s Skin This Winter

If you are reading this, congratulations! You successfully made it through the holiday season. In fact, we’re already a week into 2019. Honestly, we can’t believe it. It seems like 2000 was just yeste...

Often Seniors with Dementia repeat themselves. This can be frustrating for all parties involved. In this blog we offer tips to help.

What to Do When Seniors with Dementia Repeat Themselves

Remember that movie “Groundhog Day” where actor Bill Murray is forced to repeat the same day over and over? Sometimes being a caregiver for an older adult who has dementia can feel a little like that....

Carer Helping Senior Woman To Walk In Garden Using Walking Frame

Six Tips for Managing the Practical Problems with Incontinence

There is a lot to deal with in terms of helping an aging adult with incontinence, but if you stick to the practical considerations, you and your senior can get a handle on what is happening. Talk Abou...