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Wiser Home Care Services not only provides the best home care services but also invests time in the community.

Wiser Home Care Services’ Annual Caregiver Picnic

This summer, the office staff, caregivers and employee family members at Wiser Home Care Services took some time off to enjoy an evening of delicious food, fun games, and team building near the water at Steele Lake Park in Federal Way. Thank you to staff team member Kathryn for capturing these fun memories on camera. We hope you enjoy them.


6 Ways to Beat Social Isolation This Winter

6 Ways to Beat Social Isolation This Winter

The holidays are long gone and people are starting to settle into the busyness a new year brings. For many, this means new year’s resolutions routines, deadlines for wrapping up 2015 business and planning the year ahead. While these things are necessary, they often come at the expense of putting things on the back-burner.

Visiting elderly loved ones is unfortunately one of those things that often gets put on the back-burner in the dead of winter and bustle of the new year. The lack of company coupled with being stuck indoors due to poor weather increases your loved one’s risk of experiencing social isolation and a poor quality of life.

In fact, studies have found that as many as 43% of seniors who live in senior communities suffer from social isolation, and this number increases for seniors who live on their own. Not only is senior isolation dangerous and lonely, it also exponentially increases your loved one’s risk of experiencing additional health issues including increased risk for all-cause mortality, hospitalization and falls.

This week we continue our series regarding the perils of winter for our elderly loved ones by exploring senior social isolation and how to prevent it.

What Is Social Isolation?

It is important to not that social isolation is neither a physical or mental disease. According to AARP, people are a social species and the urge for social interaction is a basic survival instinct. While, social isolation is not a disease, as we mentioned earlier, it can and will lead to detrimental health issues including depression, increased fall risk and potentially death.

Fortunately, even with busy schedules, with planning, organization and prioritization, social isolation can be easily combatted. The following are several ways you can help prevent your elderly loved one from experiencing social isolation this winter and beyond.

  • First and foremost, it is important to make transportation easily acceptable, whether you drive them or provide a shuttle/taxi service or utilize public transportation. If they do use public transportation, make sure they know how the system works and which stops they need to take. Always have a back up plan.
  • Encourage your elderly loved one to have at least one weekly standing day out with friends. Senior centers and churches usually have weekly gatherings and events which give your loved one something to do and people to spend time with.
  • If your elderly loved one can handle a pet, then invest in a furry companion for them to spend time with. Having something to take care of can help minimize the effects of social isolation. If your elderly loved one is not a pet person, then invest in a plant for them to take care of.
  • Plan a weekly meal date so that your elderly loved one doesn’t have to dine alone. Dining alone is dangerous and lonely.
  • If they live alone, speak with their neighbors and ask if they can keep an eye on them and maybe drop in to give them company if at all possible.
  • Invest in a companion caregiver.

Wiser Home Care Services’ Companion care caregivers provide the interaction seniors need to help make them feel connected. Wiser Home Care Services has wonderful companion care caregivers that are there for conversation, able to take seniors to social outings, run errands, and participate in activities as well as do light house duties. Companion care can provide the support needed for seniors to live safely at home.

Our standard companionship services include:

  • Companionship
  • General transportation needs
  • Monitoring diet and meal planning, cooking, clean up
  • Preparing grocery lists
  • Grocery shopping
  • Checking for food expirations
  • Scheduling foot care appointments
  • Exercise
  • Reading
  • Light housekeeping
  • Travel companion
  • Pet and plant care and house sitting
  • Ordering medications and pick-up
  • Communicating with all professionals involved in your care
  • Dry cleaning and laundry: pick-up and delivery
  • Special projects
  • Mailings
  • Booking medical appointments, date reminders, and transportation

If you care for an elderly loved one and would like help developing a care plan to help prevent your elderly loved one from experiencing social isolation please feel free to contact us. We can help your family establish a care plan to personally accommodate your loved one’s needs.

10 Spring Activities for the Elderly

10 Spring Activities for the Elderly

It is official.  We have made it through winter, and SPRING is here! Spring is a wonderful time. Flowers bloom, birds return, and animals come out of hibernation.  It is a time of renewal. As caregivers, let’s follow natures example and renew as well.  Spring is an excellent chance for us to shake up our routines.  To help you renew your routine, we have compiled a list of fun things you can do with the seniors you care for.

  1. Feed the ducks at a local lake or pond.
  2. Plant seeds. Flowers and herbs can be excellent, easy-to-manage choices. This can be done indoors in pots or outside.
  3. Take a walk in the warming weather.
  4. Fly a kite.
  5. Have lunch outside.
  6. Paint or decorate a flower pot. Terra cotta is an excellent choice, but also heavy. If you find that weight is an issue, you can use plastic pots as well. They are light and inexpensive.
  7. Set up a bird feeder and bird watch.
  8. Create a flower arrangement. Use either fresh or fake flowers to bring spring indoors.
  9. Do some simple spring cleaning. Spring is a great time to go through your things and organize them, or get rid of anything you don’t need.
  10. Tell a joke!


After a long and at times gloomy winter, any of these activities are sure to brighten the days of those you care for. Embrace spring!  Think about all the wonderful things about this season. The colors, the promise of hope, being outdoors, the fresh clean air; all of these things can inspire us as caregivers.  The journalist Doug Larson once said, “Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.” Anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest knows this to be true. Despite the slush in our shoes, spring is a happy time.  Let’s pass that happiness on to the seniors we care for.

If you care for an elderly loved one and would like help developing a care plan please feel free to contact us. We can help your family establish a care plan to personally accommodate your loved one’s needs.

Wiser Home Care Services Co-Hosts Annual Senior Prom

Wiser Home Care Services Co-Hosts Annual Senior Prom

Senior Prom 2015!!  Wow! What a night!  Wiser Home Care Services and Morgan Family YMCA recently hosted the annual “Senior Prom” together with Point Defiance Village retirement community.
The night was gorgeous! Classy decorations, lovely appetizers, friendly bartenders, and a dance floor that was never empty. Wiser Home Care Services honored the Prom Queen and King with a beautiful corsage & boutonniere.
Kathryn Fish from Wiser Home Care Services and her design team, transformed the small game room into “The Royal Palace VIP Room.”  VIP Guests enjoyed the Moroccan style ambiance, comfortable pillow lined couches, and of course the plethora of chocolates to choose from.
A big thank you, thank you, thank you to Angel Sergio Rodrigez and Denise Hood from the YMCA and Tawnya Krall of Point Defiance Village. Your hard work is greatly appreciated. Everyone raved about what an extraordinary event it turned out to be.
We look forward to Senior Prom 2016!  Wiser Home Care Services is excited and already getting the creative wheels turning to ensure another successful night.
Take care and we’ll see you at the next event.

Wiser Home Care Presents the FD Cares Assistance Program

The FD CARES program is an evolving and growing community assistance program that is based in solving issues for people before an emergency takes place. Their mission is to “professionally and compassionately help people.”

The FD Cares facebook page is designed to educate the public about the FD Cares program and to provide an opportunity for communication between the public and the FD Cares program and mission. The opinions expressed by visitors to this page do not reflect the opinions of the FD Cares program and postings on this page that are unrelated to the purpose and mission of the FD Cares program are not permitted.

The Program

The CARES progam is an evolving and growing community assistance program that is based in solving issues for people before an emergency takes place. There are many issues facing the growing, aging, and health needs of a society. Solving of the individual issues for members of our community in an effort to prevent injury and/or illness is our goal. The CARES program has been developed to interact directly with members of our community in an effort to prevent injury and illness.

Frequently when a member of our community finds themselves in need of the emergency 911 system for low acuity type assistance it is because they have nowhere else to turn. This first call to 911 is often times a predictor of future 911 use as emergency providers are able to correct the immediate problem that is taking place.

There are many different social services available ranging from local churches, to local government services, to County services, to State and Federal government services. Although many of these various services can be very busy, there appears to be some disconnect from these various services and members of society. Many people are not aware that there are services available to assist them with their independent issues, let alone that there is something that can be done to assist them at all and that will directly, in a positive manner affect their life. The CARES program will connect members of our community to these social or private services.

Wiser Home Care Services participates in the FD Cares Assistance Program. fdcares2

Wiser Home Care Helps Raise Fall Prevention Awareness

Every September, the Gig Harbor YMCA hosts a “Fall Prevention Event”.  The large gym was quite busy with people inquiring about home care & other services for themselves, family and friends. Local pharmacies, the Fire Department, & nursing facilities were some of the participants.
        Wiser Care Home Services was pleased to participate in the fall prevention event with an educational booth. Kathryn passed out Wiser Home Care information folders, treats, water bottles,  toy trucks ( a reminder to stay active & play) and personal care bags.  Many questions & answers were exchanged and appointment were set for further assessment.
        Getting the word out about our wonderful options &  how seniors can safely live at home is one of Wiser Home Care’s many goals.
        Thank you to Camille & Doris at Gig Harbor YMCA for letting us be a part of this wonderful day…. And sign us up for the next one!!
We were so focused on fall prevention the only picture we got from the event was the delicious sweets Wiser Home Care provided.

We were so focused on fall prevention the only picture we got from the event was the delicious sweets Wiser Home Care provided.

Hot Cars and Ice Bucket Challenges: Wiser Home Care Participates in Community Car Show

Wiser Home Care Services had the pleasure of volunteering at the annual Silver Creek Retirement Community Car Show on August 24th in Puyallup.

It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining as the cars filled the parking lot. A soft mint green 1937 Chevy, a perfect condition white-with-red leather interior 1961 Corvette, & Sheri’s favorite… the royal metallic blue 1967 Chevelle were just a few of the sweet rides that stole the the show. A dozen motorcycles also lined up and faced the crowd.

The Wiser Home Care ladies helped with registration & the ever popular voting process. Throughout the show, car fans lined up at the Wiser Home Care booth to win prizes and learn about our services. Some brave souls, like Tami from Silver Creek, participated in the “Ice Bucket Challenge” YIKES!! Brrrrr!!!

A BIG thanks goes out to SUNSET CHEVROLET in Sumner, for letting Wiser Home Care arrive in style. Driving a gorgeous, metallic deep red Corvette will put a long lasting smile on any ones face. Thanks Sunset Chev! You rock!

Another great day in the community…can’t wait for the next experience.