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Parkinson’s Care: Celebrating the Small Victories

Parkinson’s Care: Celebrating the Small Victories

Though there are many aspects and challenges for a client with Parkinson’s I wanted to focus on the day-to-day in this blog post. The unknowns of the day-to-day caregiving are probably the most stressful for caregivers.

Having systems in place of organization will make these situations seem less overwhelming. Living areas, kitchens and bathrooms can be adapted to help the decreasing cognitive and physical abilities of the client.

Make sure there are open pathways and remove obstacles, rugs, decorations, etc. that may cause an accident.

Put grab bars in bathrooms and even along hallways. Designate hot and cold on faucets with labels. Leave items at chest or waist level so reaching won’t cause falls.

You will also need to help with daily tasks, such as dressing, teeth brushing, showering, etc. Confusion and unsteadiness make these seemingly standard tasks challenging.

Help them to understand what is going on and proceed slowly, with care and compassion. A very common symptom of Parkinson’s is “freezing.” Help them move around easier by pretending they are walking over something, or rock very slowly back and forth to get moving again.

Exercise, to any degree, is very important to ones health and well being. Siiting around will only make their mind diminish as well as the physical aspects. Encourage activity, communication and involvement socially as much as possible.

As the Parkinson’s progresses, these things will become more and more challenging to do. Separate tasks into smaller manageable parts to encourage independence. The trenches won’t seem so deep then. Celebrate small victories in a big way!

-Kelley McAllister

Wiser Home Care Presents the FD Cares Assistance Program

The FD CARES program is an evolving and growing community assistance program that is based in solving issues for people before an emergency takes place. Their mission is to “professionally and compassionately help people.”

The FD Cares facebook page is designed to educate the public about the FD Cares program and to provide an opportunity for communication between the public and the FD Cares program and mission. The opinions expressed by visitors to this page do not reflect the opinions of the FD Cares program and postings on this page that are unrelated to the purpose and mission of the FD Cares program are not permitted.

The Program

The CARES progam is an evolving and growing community assistance program that is based in solving issues for people before an emergency takes place. There are many issues facing the growing, aging, and health needs of a society. Solving of the individual issues for members of our community in an effort to prevent injury and/or illness is our goal. The CARES program has been developed to interact directly with members of our community in an effort to prevent injury and illness.

Frequently when a member of our community finds themselves in need of the emergency 911 system for low acuity type assistance it is because they have nowhere else to turn. This first call to 911 is often times a predictor of future 911 use as emergency providers are able to correct the immediate problem that is taking place.

There are many different social services available ranging from local churches, to local government services, to County services, to State and Federal government services. Although many of these various services can be very busy, there appears to be some disconnect from these various services and members of society. Many people are not aware that there are services available to assist them with their independent issues, let alone that there is something that can be done to assist them at all and that will directly, in a positive manner affect their life. The CARES program will connect members of our community to these social or private services.

Wiser Home Care Services participates in the FD Cares Assistance Program. fdcares2